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My Daughter’s First Ballet Lesson

16143083_1149293628501871_2205826353702386622_nBallet was one of my frustrations when I was a child. I did not get the chance to enroll to  a ballet class because my parents could not afford it. So , when I heard from our church that there will be a FREE Baby Ballet right after every Sunday Service, I immediately signed up for my daughter, Belle , who is 4 years old.

 Belle and I were so excited as we went to Church the following Sunday. Finally, she is going to start her ballet dance lesson for free courtesy of our church’s Dance Ministry. But she was so excited to proceed to the ballet class that she did not want to go anymore to Kids Church. I felt terrible and irritable with my daughter’s actuation. I felt that my patience was put into the test! I scolded her and told her that if she will not attend Kids Church and worship Jesus first, then there will be no more ballet class for her. I firmly believe that even at a very tender age, they need to realize that they always have to prioritize God over everything. And so she cried and cried until I decided to leave her with Annie, my youngest son’s nanny who was in Kids Church at that time looking after my son, Bonbon. So, I just left her there with Annie and Bonbon and she just finally stopped from crying the moment she lost sight of me. Amazing, right? Hahaha. Look how children act. Anyway, she managed to be happy there until the church service was finished.


Eagerly, she grabbed my hands after the service and went straight to the dance room. During the class, she can’t help but to dance and dance even when her teacher was teaching them a technique. Her attention to learning is still so short. Maybe later on, as she grows,  she will just acquire the listening skills so she can listen to her teacher for a longer span of time.

I know that this is just the start. I will help my daughter develop her talents for God’s greater glory. I am so looking forward to seeing her on stage dancing for God and making more christian friends. Now that I resigned from my 8 to 5 work, I will have more time to witness all of the developments my children will undergo especially during their formative years.


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